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After the Conference follow-up Notes

I heard so many great comments about the event on March 16th.  We have a packed house with excellent guest speakers.

  • Over 200 attendees.
  • Positive feed back about the Conference
    • “I was very impressed with the speakers and the content of the event. I took special notice to the recommended use of wording in presenting the conservative message and found myself in complete agreement with the suggestions.”
    • “What a great event!  How did you get all those experts in the same room?”
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  • Videos of the Conference segments will be posted here soon.
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Speaker Bios for March 16

C.L. Gray, MD — Keynote Speaker

TEAPOT dr grayDr. Gray is  a  nationally  known  writer, speaker, and board certified physician practicing Hospital-based medicine in western North Carolina.  In 2006, he founded Physicians for Reform, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving patient-centered healthcare.  Now in its second printing, Gray’s book, The Battle for America’s Soul, resulted from a decade spent in research and analysis of the history and philosophy of medical ethics.  This book presents findings that link America’s present cultural divide with the practice of Post-Hippocratic medicine.  Gray’s work now takes him to Washington and state capitals where Physicians for Reform has been tapped to help craft solutions to save Medicare and Medicaid from financial collapse.

Jay Delancy, Lt.Col., USAF (Ret)

TEAPOT jay delancyMr. Delancy was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. He spent more than 25 years away from the state while in military, starting at the rank of an Army Private; he retired 32 years later as an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel.  In 2011, he launched the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina (VIP of NC) to empower citizens interested in reforming the state’s antiquated election laws through careful research and lobbying efforts.  In April 2012, VIP challenged 530 non-US citizens on Wake County’s voter rolls, and in August 2012 earned coverage in both World Magazine and the New York Times after the group discovered almost 30,000 deceased people who were still on North Carolina’s voter roles. Media acknowledgements include local, national and international media and a studio appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends program. The group is continuing their research into exposing illegal voting patterns and other suspicious practices as they work with the General Assembly to reform the state’s fraud-friendly election laws.

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

TEAPOT dr danDr. Dan Eichenbaum is a 36-year practicing physician and successful small business owner.  In 2010, Dr. Dan founded Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum, a conservative TV and Talk Radio program and blog dedicated to advancing principles of limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, individual liberty, private property rights and free market solutions.  Dr. Dan is a long-time grassroots activist, dedicated to exposing the many tentacles of the United Nations Comprehensive Plan for the 21st Century, Agenda 21, and its implementation in the United States under the guise of “Sustainable Development”.  Dr. Dan graduated from the Yale School of Medicine, cum laude, and went on to serve as a commissioned naval officer during the Vietnam era.  Dr. Dan has authored 14 peer-reviewed articles and a book, lectured internationally, and holds six U.S. Patents.

Dr. Glenn Pinckney, Sr

TEAPOT glenn pinckney

I’m Assistant Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs Department at Catawba Valley Community College.  I am a long time promoter of self-sufficiency, and an advocate of relinquishing the “Welfare” mentality: allowing the Government to determine the kind of contribution one is able to make to our communities, where you live, the kind of home, neighborhood, vehicle, clothes, or food that an individual can have for themselves and their family. The handouts, whether for an individual or business, creates dependency, stifles creativity, and inhibits growth.  My Doctorate is in Theology. I have served in Ministry for over 25 years. I currently teach two Bible studies, one at a Baptist Church and the other at a United Methodist Church, where I am a member.  I’m married with 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Mark Hager

Mark is a US Army Veteran,  History professor at Lenoir-Rhyne University, a teapot mark hagerRadio Host: Your Mark On History   Periodic sounding board for people who are  dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and  want to stand up for the constitutional principles  that our founders instated over 200 years ago.

Tea Party Experience:  NC Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Yadkin Valley Tea Party cooridinator.  First became active as a Tea Party Patriot with the April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party in Charlotte North Carolina; then, formed the three Chapters of the Yadkin Valley Tea Party in time for the 2009 Independence Day Tea Party in Charlotte, NC. During the summer of 2011 formed a team to explore the border situation between Arizona and Mexico and became co-producer of the documentary- Invasion: Freedom Under Fire. Recently, completed Invasion: Freedom Under fire II focusing upon transnational cartels and terror cells building across the United States. His, most recent project is the American Security Coalition which focuses as a liaison with sheriff offices / law enforcement experts across the United States and Tea Party Patriot networks to educate on matters not covered in the mainstream media.

Jane Bilello

TEAPOT jane bilelloMs. Bilello is the Chairman of Asheville Tea Party, Asheville Tea Political Action Committee, and is the iCaucus North Carolina State Director. Jane has a Bachelor of Science degree in English from St. John’s University in New York, and a Masters and Professional Diploma in Reading with a minor in Administration from Hofstra University, also in New York. Jane retired in 2009 from a successful thirty three year career as an English and Reading teacher – spanning New York, California and North Carolina. Her teaching experience includes middle school, high school, reading clinician and instructor and adjunct professor of master’s level and teacher training courses. She published professional articles, content area books, and historical pieces. Standing tall for our Second Amendment has catapulted Asheville Tea Party to national and international news with Machine Gun Socials and Great Gun Give Aways. Jane has appeared on local television and radio on a weekly basis, including the recent Channel 13 WLOS debate entitled ‘Guns Across America.’ With the tools of iCaucus, Asheville Tea PAC has successfully vetted, elected then held accountable, candidates who embrace – in word and deed – the principles of individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

Tami Fitzgerald

TEAPOT tami fitzgeraldTami Fitzgerald is the Executive Director of the North Carolina Values Coalition, a 501(c) (4) organization that is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of Faith, Family, and Freedom in the political arena and creating a favorable political climate that will protect families—the basic building block of society in North Carolina.  She led the campaign to protect marriage in North Carolina through passage of the Marriage Amendment, serving as Chairwoman of the Executive Committee of Vote FOR Marriage NC.   Ms. Fitzgerald is an attorney and has been a lobbyist for seven years in the North Carolina General Assembly.  In addition, she served as the Finance Director for the North Carolina Republican Party during the 2010 election cycle.  She is also a Trustee of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, serving on its Executive Committee, and serves on the Council for the Constitutional Right & Responsibilities section of the NC Bar Association.  Ms. Fitzgerald has been married for 33 years.  She and her husband Craig have a son and a daughter who is married.  They attend church in Raleigh.

Kathy Hartkopf 

Ms. Hartkopf is a Legislative Liaison with North  Carolina FreedomWorks.  Kathy Hartkopf first began working with Freedom Works as a volunteer activist when FreedomWorks, then Citizens for a Sound Economy, was asked to come into her home county of Orange to help organize against a local bond referendum. Soon Kathy was the local spokesperson for the anti-bond effort and many campaigns to follow. FreedomWorks quickly recognized that Kathy had both state and federal lobbying experience. While other families discussed ACC basketball around the dinner table, her family with a parent of each political party, discussed political policy. From high school on, Kathy was involved in campaigns. In addition to state issues, Kathy enjoys working on local issues and of course FreedomWorks voter education campaigns during campaign season. Private property rights are Kathy’s favorite area to work on and she cites the grassroots victory over the United States Navy in the Outlying Landing Field Battle as a defining moment in her career and her lifetime.   Kathy and her husband Al live in Hillsborough where they are navigating the waters of life with two teenage daughters – and the boys that go along with them!

Chris Marie Farr

TEAPOTS Chris FarrMs. Farr is the State Grassroots Director of Americans for Prosperity. Chris got her start in politics at the American Conservative Union’s Education and Research Institute in Washington, DC in the early 1980s.  In 1983, she became the Wake County Coordinator for Senator Jesse Helms.  This launched 25 years of political activity where she worked in dozens of  local, state and national political campaigns.

She has held partisan positions from precinct chairman, club president, county Executive committee, state Executive committee, state Central committee, and Congressional District chairman. Chris has been State Grassroots Director of Americans for Prosperity for over five years.  Her job is to educate citizens and motivate them to get involved in the public policy process.  She coordinates rallies, protests, press conferences, door to door and phone blitzes, Congressional and legislative visits, training conferences, action alerts by phone and email to elected officials; acts as a resource to many conservative organizations and tea party groups and is a public speaker at tea parties, rallies, and meetings throughout North Carolina. She is originally from Michigan and is a former teacher and the mother of 3 sons.


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